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The entire book is available for download in PDF form, on the condition that all text and images be properly credited.

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Text PDFs

Front Matter - Page 27
Title pages, introductory quotes
Table of Contents
To the Reader
Pages 28-33
Why Call It “Mocotaugan?”
Illustration: First appearance in print
Sidebar: What dictionaries of Native languages say
The Importance of “the Man’s Knife of the North”
Pages 34-39
The Anatomy of the Mocotaugan
Illustration: Typical Construction
Photo: Eskimo crooked knife
How a Modern Master Uses the Mocotaugan
Pages 40-45
The Mocotaugan’s Early Origins
Map, “From Asia to the New World

Illustrations: Six stages of evolution
Pages 46-49
The Revolution of the Iron Age
Sidebar: The Question of European influence
Pages 50-58
The Art of the Mocotaugan
Sidebar: Special appeal of the embellished knife
Illustrations: In search of tribal styles
Pages 148-170
The Mocotaugan in Modern Times
Sidebar: Egregious error?
Photos: Work of three modern artists
Annotations of Portfolio plates
Sources of antique & modern embellished mocotaugans

Note on Portfolio
Mocotaugans displayed here are arranged under nine categories of the stylistic characteristics most often found in the embellished knives.

These categories are indicated in second-color bold face type, e.g. Animal Effigies.

Each photograph is accompanied by  a brief commentary. Full annotations for each knife are given in the Text PDF, pp. 148-170.  

Portfolio PDFs

Portfolio pp. 1-2
Introduction to the Photographs
Animal Effigies
Portfolio pp. 3-4
Portfolio pp. 5-6
Chip Carving
Close-up, chip-carved handle
Portfolio pp. 7-8
Complex pierced wood
Profusion of imagery
Portfolio pp. 9-10
Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts & Spades
Rare imported English blade
Portfolio pp. 11-12
For left-handed user
Folksy feeling
Portfolio pp. 13-14
Tonic advertisement
"1867" shamrock
Portfolio pp. 15-16
"GKC" monogram
Tools of the logger's trade
Portfolio pp. 17-18
Tintype of a woman
Human Effigies
Exceptionally beautiful form
Portfolio pp. 19-20
Close-up of small-scale sculpture
Hand and hearts
Portfolio pp. 21-22
Man with a hat
Haunting visage
Portfolio pp. 23-24
Mixed Media
A true mixed media event
Portfolio pp. 25-26
Bird, inlaid pewter
Heart, engraved on-laid tin
Portfolio pp. 27-28
Nautical Motifs
Ship's barrel, chip carving
Steam sailing vessel
Portfolio pp. 29-30
Close-up of vessel
Typical low-relief
Portfolio pp. 31-32
Extensively exhibited example
Telling the story of a bird
Portfolio pp. 33-34
Scrolls, Volutes & Curves
Close-up of two handles
"Fiddle" handle
Portfolio p. 35
Like branches of a tree